Oil likes us!

Jeff Reed
publication date: 
Tuesday, July 29, 2014

NOTE: Peter was the technical consultant on this film.

Oilpro was recently invited to privately screen a new documentary on the US shale revolution, Breaking Free. Scheduled for release this fall, the film tells the story of the US unconventional revolution through the voices of a broad array of academic experts and industry officials. The film also fairly engages the prevailing criticisms levied at fracing, including alleged water contamination and induced seismic activity. In a time when the medium of film is largely used by fracing opponents, this piece is a refreshing presentation of the other side of the story. Importantly, while the film's creator is an advocate for fracing, the film does not come across as overt pro-industry propaganda. Instead, Breaking Free presents a balanced view of the facts of fracing, even giving airtime to skeptics of the process. We commend the producers for the fairness and openness of the film. In this post, Oilpro Columnist Jeff Reed presents a discussion of the issues, a review of the film following our private viewing, and a trailer.

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