Time for American Renewable

A couple of days ago I participated in a New York breakfast meeting of NDN, a Democratic think tank from DC, and was updated on both the probably of passage of cliamte change legislation in the Senate as well the political dimension of the Millenial Generation. Climate change legislation is a matter of 60 votes, we now have 45 definite so the next 6 months are horse trading to get the necessary votes for passage and also to prevent a Republican filibuster.

But the more interesting talk of that breakfast meeting was the Millenials. The Millenials voted 2 to 1 for Obama, and their power will be growing over the next decade. The disconnect is that both House and Senate leadership are the World War II babies before the boomers. The boomers do not run the leadership of the Congress. So, change needs to be made at the grassroots level and through the Internet. This is what elected Obama and what he understands. So, the Millenials want change now. Sort of like 1968! But the people in power talk a different language and are afraid to rock the boat. What they don't realize is that the boat has been rocked and those ripples are felt as far away as Iran and throughout the world excluding North Korea. The Millenials will take a decade to take power but they will influence the boomers to move forward on much social and environmental legislation. May be that's why I spend so much time lecturing in so many colleges. They get it and me.

It is the 4th of July today. That makes us reflect to time of great courage and action. Both those qualities are needed to navigate the many changes underway and to come. I am ever hopeful that here in the US we are capable to rise to the challenge and make those changes for a better future for all. Let's celebrate the 4th!