Global Change Associates’
Energy & Environment College


“The State of Energy Markets After Enron and What are the
New Energy Market Opportunities”

NYU Torch Club
18 Waverly Place (between Green and Mercer)
New York City
September 24 or November 13, 2002

Learn in 3 hours what's really going on in todays volatile energy markets from the best selling author of What Went Wrong at Enron. Peter Fusaro will explain what's the real play presently in energy markets and where the future opportunities lie.

We offer both morning and afternoon sessions (9 to 12, and 2 to 5) with seating limited to 35.

The State of Energy Markets After Enron

  • Beyond the Enron Bankruptcy
  • Why Other Gas & Electric Companies Did the Same Thing
  • The Disintegration of Electricity Derivatives Trading
  • How the Collateral Damage is Affecting Oil Markets
  • Impact on Electronic Trading
  • What is Now Occurring in Energy Trading Markets
  • Why Credit & Counterparty Risk is Now Important Than Ever
  • Why Structured Finance is a No-No
  • Why the Financial Devastation is Not Over Yet
  • Impact on NYMEX & IPE
  • The New Timeline for Change
  • Overview of What is Mark-to-Market Hedge Accounting (FAS 133)
  • The Practical Limits of Computer Software Solutions vs. Energy Risk Mgt Applications
  • The Trouble With the Overhyped Weather Derivatives Market
  • Natural of the New Regulatory Landscape
    • FERC Market Design Initiatives
    • CFTC, SEC & FED Oversight
    • State Level Market Initiatives
  • The New Market Opportunities:
    • Buying Hard Assets
    • Vertical Integration of Energy Markets
    • Electronic Trading: The Flight to Futures
    • Environmental Risk Management: Emissions, Renewables & Negawatts
    • LNG Hedging
    • Shipping Risk Management
    • Oil Trading
    • Coal Trading
    • BTU Trading and Cross Commodity Arbitrage
  • Wrap Up

Cocktail Reception at the Torch Club at 5pm for all attendees.

All seminar participants will receive a signed copy of the New York Times' bestseller What Went Wrong at Enron.

Cost: $ 750 per person, corporate group discounts are available
Seating is limited; register early.

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 Peter C. Fusaro
Peter Fusaro is President and Founder of Global Change Associates, an energy and environmental consulting firm based in New York City. The focus of GCA is on teaching companies and government how to make markets for trading energy and environmental financial products. Peter is adviser to the EPA, DOE, State Department, World Bank, Mitsubishi Research Institute, the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, and Japan’s METI. He is a member of the Institute of Petroleum, the Energy Risk Management Association and the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). Peter is author to several books including What Went Wrong at Enron (John Wiley, July 2002), Energy Convergence: The Beginning of the Multicommodity Market (John Wiley, 2002), Energy Derivatives: Trading Emerging Markets (2000), and Energy Risk Management (McGraw-Hill,1998). He has also written two special reports Enron 2001: An Inside View and Electronic Energy Trading (4th edition).

Peter has a BA from Carnegie-Mellon University and an MA in International Relations from Tufts University.


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