Wall Street Green Summit XIII Getting More Attention This Year!

It's been one week since the end of this year's Wall Street Green Summit XIII which was held in New York City at the Columbia Club. I guess it takes some time for attendees and reporters to let all the new ideas sink in, but we have seen two stellar articles the past two days on the Summit. One by Ben Ningham posted to the Huffington Post called "From Green to Clean to Smart: The 13th Wall Street Green Summit is on Fire". The other from Haresh Patel, the CEO of Mercatus. He focused on Distributed Generation and the innovations to come in that sector.

This year's Summit was focused more than ever on sustainable finance, renewable energy finance, innovations in energy efficiency finance and impact investing funds. It as focused on solutions to climate change and the transition underway to the global green economy. Thus, the story was more tightly orchestrated as the forces of change in the clean energy sector are now accelerating. These include a global demographic shift demanding a cleaner and greener environment from the 52% of the world's population under 30 as well as the hundreds of billions of dollars being deployed each year in the sector. In 2013, that number was $254 billion for cleen energy.

Next year's Summit planning is already underway with even more innovative topics and speakers. That date is Monday March 23rd in New York. We hope to see you there.