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Wall Street Green Summit XIII Getting More Attention This Year!

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It's been one week since the end of this year's Wall Street Green Summit XIII which was held in New York City at the Columbia Club. I guess it takes some time for attendees and reporters to let all the new ideas sink in, but we have seen two stellar articles the past two days on the Summit.

Investment opportunities still available in traditional and alternative energy

Friday, August 29, 2008

The markets might be acting as if the energy play is over but people in the know say don't count on it. On this week's Consuelo Mack WealthTrack three energy experts discuss the investment opportunities still available in traditional and alternative energy. One of the top ten fund managers of the decade, Dan Rice of the BlackRock Global Resources fund, and two energy thought leaders, Bill Paul of the cutting edge energy website, EnergyTechStocks.com and Peter Fusaro, Chairman and Founder of Global Change Associates.