Energy and Environmental Trading

Peter C. Fusaro, Andrea S. Kramer
Cameron May

Are you prepared for the expansion of energy and environmental trading into the global financial markets? These growing markets are rife with trading and legal risks. This book, written for practitioners and laymen alike, will arm you with crucial knowledge about recent significant market, regulatory and legal developments. Ranging from the fallout from Enron's bankruptcy and the near demise of energy merchant trading to the expansion of energy and environmental trading (after legal and regulatory changes provided new opportunities along with new industry challenges), to the new contractual frameworks seeking to address issues such as climate change, this book's discussions of these new energy and environmental markets and their developing framework of corporate, regulatory, tax and financial law show history in the making. Leading legal and industry professionals share their knowledge, experience, and opinions, providing key insights into the future of the law and regulation of energy and environmental trading. These experts delve deeply into themes such as energy regulation, trading documentation, bankruptcy law, creditors rights, U.S. tax law and much, much more.