Global Change Foundation is Now Live

After almost a year, we are proud to announce that our educational arm, The Global Change Foundation Inc, is now a fully functioning entity that can open a bank account and accept contributions. Peter Fusaro signed the legal papers yesterday. In coming months, the Foundation will be launched with a golf outing to kick off fund raising. Also, a major company will be dedicating some of its profits to the Foundation.

The idea behind the foundation is to accelerate environmental market development globally through education. That means more cleantech, renewables and energy efficiency throughout the world.

The successful launch of the Green Salon over the past year has demonstrated that there is significant interest in the Foundation's marriage of artists and environmental experts. Last night, we married a young jazz ensemble from the Manhattan School of Music to Scrapkins, a new company dedicated to teaching children about recycling. Their target age is 3 to 7 years old! The Scrapkins website is We had a good turn out and more importantly continue to raise Eco-awareness.

In the fall the Green Salon will have experts show how to green existing buildings. In New York City where we are located, there are 200 Green Buldings and 950,000 existing buildings. The new market for energy efficiency and renewables is not Green Buildings but the existing older buildings!

The Global Change Foundation will also start its long awaited Eco-Commerce project. This project was initially brought to Google and after 11 months of frustration died with them. We will do it ourselves. In fact, there are many volunteers that want to help the foundation on its mission to change the world through markets!

Stay tuned for more on our new endeavors.