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Global Change Associates Inc. (GCA) was founded in 1991 by Peter C. Fusaro to focus on the convergence of energy and environmental financial markets. Peter is a recognized "thought leader" on energy and environmental markets, and he provides advisory to many companies on dealing with the impacts of climate change, clean technology and renewable energy for his clients. GCA's focus is on recognizing opportunities in both sustainable energy and environmental projects for financial services companies such as hedge funds and investment banks and for venture capital in cleantech and renewable energy. Peter published the first studies on green trading markets, energy hedge funds, Enron and energy e-commerce. His intellectual curiosity and market intelligence is second to none due to his extensive global network of energy and environmental industry experts. Peter believes in the concept of "high tech, high touch" which encompasses the capabilities of the Internet coupled with the importance of personal human contact. His live presentations are both insightful and passionate. Peter holds the highly successful Wall Street Green Trading Summit IX on March 23 and 24, 2010 in New York.

If your company desires, leading edge insights and knowledge transfer on carbon markets, cleantech, and renewable energy, please contact us for a consultation.

GCA also maintains several sister websites:

Wall Street Green Trading Summit VIII (www.wsgts.com)

Energy Hedge Fund Center (www.energyhedgefunds.com)

Global Change Foundation (www./global-changefoundation.com)

Clients engage GCA consultants for:

  • Innovative insights and solutions for "real world" answers in today's complicated and emerging energy and environmental markets.
  • Customized solutions and strategy to meet specific client needs
  • Vast global network of professional sources for energy and environmental knowledge

Global Change Associates has particular expertise in four divisional areas:

  • Clean Tech Venture Funding & Advisory

    GCA provides strategic advice for the identification of funding sources for a variety of business ventures in the energy sector. We have assisted new software and technology firms plus renewable and alternative energy companies to find start up seed money. We have assisted those same start up companies with the steps necessary to obtain financing such as business plan development, due diligence investigation, pro-forma financial forecasts, and negotiation support.

  • Competitive Intelligence

    GCA provides customized market intelligence for the gas, electric, oil, coal and LNG markets. Our highly specialized global scope of information helps clients to structure their operations for maximum competitive advantages. GCA is especially known for energy restructuring information such as regulatory/tariff information, pricing strategy, product/services, and business models in competitive markets, for both retail and wholesale gas and electric markets.

  • Energy & Environmental Risk Management/Trading

    GCA assists clients in identifying and assessing their exposure to risk. GCA then develops policies, procedures and controls for trading and risk management infrastructure for gas, electric oil, coal and LNG. GCA will implement the risk management strategy to ensure the plan is effective.

    GCA also helps to ensure the effectiveness of the risk management plan by identifying software solutions necessary to support the designed plan.

    GCA provides Environmental Risk Management for emissions, renewables, and energy efficiency by assisting in the development of environmental trading programs for clients. GCA can create innovative energy efficiency, emissions, and renewable energy solutions for clients including wind, solar and biomass sources and advise energy companies on the most advanced environmental technologies.