Global Markets and National Interests: The New GeoPolitics of Energy, Capital and Information

by James A. Kelly Jr., Lincoln P. Bloomfield Jr.

$24.95 (Paperback)

published by Center for Strategic & International Studies, 2002
The explosion of applied technology around the globe is redefining national intersts. This book traverses the fields of energy, finance, and national security to offer a look at the new century's new geopolitics. Experts in all three areas join in a conversation about the ways in which globalization is affecting U.S. foreign policy. Their goal: to break free of predictive and policy-prescriptive trains of analysis.
The Clean Tech Revolution

The Clean Tech Revolution

by Clint Wilder, Ron Pernick

$27.70 (Hardcover)

published by Collins Business, 2007

In The Clean Tech Revolution, authors Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder identifythe major forces that have pushed clean tech from back-to-the-earth utopiandream to its current revolution among the inner circles of corporateboardrooms, on Wall Street trading floors, and in government offices aroundthe globe. By highlighting eight major clean-tech sectors - solar energy,wind power, biofuels and biomaterials, green buildings, personaltransportation, the smart grid, mobile applications, and water filtration -they uncover how investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals can profit fromthis next wave of technological innovation. Finally, Pernick and Wildershine the spotlight on the winners among technologies, companies, andregions that are likely to reap the greatest benefits from clean tech-andthey show you why the time to act is now.

With Immediate Effect

by Philip Algar

$24.50 (Paperback)

published by Trafford Publishing, 2004

What happens when an honest but bored, frustrated, inexperienced and unexpectedly- promoted office worker tries to cope with novel business and social challenges in today's odd world? This is the humorous account of a UK businessman working around the bureaucratic limitation of systems to reduce greenhouse gases and reduce climate change.