carbon trading

4 January 2010
In this podcast from Renewable Energy World, we'll examine the societal, environmental and financial value of putting a price on carbon. Join us as we take an hour long journey into the world of carbon cap and trade and explore the history, effectiveness, and cost of the program. Given the inevitable complexity of such a program, we'll also ask if it's the right policy to put in place as we create a carbon-constrained, clean-energy future.

Carbon as a Business Opportunity

The emerging US carbon regime will create a carbon currency that can be manifested in many ways. For one thing, carbon can become an economic indicator for efficiency along the company supply chain. And because no one was collecting carbon emissions data in 1990, the baseline of both the Kyoto Protocol and California’s AB 32, there are many opportunities to create and deploy carbon planning tools. Thus construction of the baseline will be through financial statements such as 10K and 10Q.

Carbon Trading is Becoming Mainstream

I just gave an extensive interview today to the Wall Street Journal on "Carbon Trading." There is going to be a tremendous pick up in interest and activity in these markets as the Waxman/Markey bill makes it way through the House. This is the new legislation that will drive greenhouse gas markets in the US. The Obama Administration supports the bill although it is trying to be impartial. But the Senate seems unable to get its act together now.

GreenTrading™: Commercial Opportunities for the Environment

by Peter C. Fusaro and Tom James, published by Wiley, 2006

Green Trading: Commercial Opportunities for the Environment originated from the Second Annual Green Trading Summit held on April 7 & 8, 2003. The book covers the convergence of environment and capital markets and offers new insights into carbon, renewable energy and energy efficiency (negawatt) trading written by leading practitioners in each of these fields.

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Introduction to Carbon Trading Seminar

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The popular "Introduction to Carbon Trading & Finance" seminar will be held at the NYMEX on October 14th in New York. Taught by carbon markets expert and best selling author Peter Fusaro, this course has been attended by over 800 people during the past two years. We expect another large turnout at NYMEX.