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Peter C. Fusaro
Chairman & Founder, Global Change Associates

New York, New York
[email protected]

Peter C. Fusaro is the best selling author of What Went Wrong at Enron and is an energy industry thought leader noted for his keen insights in emerging energy and environmental issues. He co-founded the Energy Hedge Fund Center, an energy hedge fund directory, and the newsletter Energy Hedge. With 32 years experience in the global energy industry, Peter has been at the forefront of energy industry change. He coined the term “Green Trading” as well as created the annual Green Trading Summit held in New York each spring. Peter was recently selected for Who's Who in America for 2007. His experiences and insights have lead him to the leading edge of energy consulting, including carbon & emissions trading, clean energy technology, renewable energy project finance and venture capital, LNG market developments, coal trading, and hedge funds. He founded Global Change Associates in 1991 to focus on the interplay and convergence of energy and environmental financial markets.

Accomplishments: First competitive intelligence studies on energy e-commerce, Enron, and Energy Hedge Funds
Media: Noted international expert on oil, gas, electric power, and environmental financial markets. He has appeared numerous times on CNBC, CNBC Europe, NHK, New Delhi TV, Chinese Satellite Phoenix TV, Canadian TV and NPR as well as being cited by the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times, Business Week, the Nikkei, Bloomberg, Reuters, Dow Jones Newswires, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle as well as many energy trade publications including Platts, Energy Argus, PIW, and PIW.
Services: Energy analysis and competitive intelligence for financial services, energy companies and private equity. Expert witness advisory on energy trading and risk management. Expert on Asia Pacific energy markets.
Clients: Hedge funds, venture funds, multinational energy companies, energy trading companies, utilities, investment banks, IT software companies, and law firms.
Experience: Peter has 32 years experience in the downstream energy business in oil, gas and electric power. Peter has always been early, starting with working with EPA in taking the lead out of gasoline, developing of the allocation procedures for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and LNG safety and siting work at the US DOE in the 1970s, creating Demand Side Management (DSM) programs in New York City in the 1980s and early 1990s, global warming initiatives in 1990, and energy & environmental risk management since 1990 including literally writing the book on the subject! He is author of 12 books including his latest for 2007, Cut Carbon Grow Profits. He was head of energy consulting at ABB Financial Services where he was responsible for business strategy, due diligence and IT solutions. Former employers include Petroleos de Venezuela, US Department of Energy and New York City Mayor's Energy & Telecommunications Office. He worked with the Deloitte Touche Capital Markets group as consultant's consultant in New York in the mid 1990s. He was partner in an energy venture fund (Energy & Environment Capital Partners in 2002-2003).
Speaking: Peter is a frequent keynote speaker at energy & financial conferences worldwide. If interested in his paid speaking services, please contact Carmen Cook, Vice President, Marketing at 212-222-3775 and carmenjane @ verizon.net
Advisory: Peter is on the advisory board of RAD LLC and SCI LLC development companies. He was on the NYU Energy Forum board for 12 years as well as the Council of the International Association for Energy Economics for 3 years. He is an active member of Professional Risk Management International Association (PRMIA), the Energy Institute in London , Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), New York Academy of Sciences (Environmental Section), and the Museum of Modern Art . He is active with Carnegie-Mellon University 's Steinbrenner Institute on the Environmental Education and Research for over ten years. He was New York Chapter President of the United States Association for Energy Economics (USAEE). In the spring of 2005, he launched the Forum on Energy and Environment which is focused on accelerating knowledge transfer to students, academics and the business community in New York City .
Education: MA, International Relations, Tufts University
BA, Carnegie-Mellon University

Peter is a contributor to:

And of the Financial Times Report:

  • Asia Pacific Energy Derivatives
Publications: Peter has written over 500 published articles appearing in Commodities Now, the Hedge Fund Review, NYMEX Energy in the News, IPE Pipeline, Power Finance & Risk, Oil & Gas Journal, Petroleum Economist, and many others. Many of his recent articles can be downloaded for free from this website under “articles” section. He has also published 8 occasional papers for the University of Colorado's International Center for Energy & Economic Development including his latest with Dr. Gary Vasey entitled Hedge Funds Change Energy Trading (April 2005).

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