Global Change Foundation Debuts at HRH Prince Edward Event

The recently minted Global Change Foundation made its first appearance at a charity event on a June evening cocktail party hosted in New York's east side townhouse of Kiton, the distinguished Italian tailoring house. The guest of honor was none other than Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, who was here to raise funds for INTAWAD, the royal charity for young people begun by his father the Duke of Edinburgh in 1956.

The anticipation of meeting royalty, shaking hands and speaking about the needs of children and young people of the world and how we might help was exciting. Even more so was the actual event. Here is a gentleman born into great privilege and centuries of tradition, scrutinized and analyzed his entire life. That's what I was thinking about when a dozen of us were ushered into a private room where Prince Edward greeted each one of us. He asked about our charities and then spoke to the group about individual positive outcomes of helping young lives find their future.

When he paused to speak to me I told him of our Green Salon where performing artists and the environmental experts form a connection for building a community to educate people, including children, about the environment. I pointed out that people only learn what they are ready to learn. He looked at me, paused, looked away, came back to my gaze and said, "Yes. Quite." Our conversation over, he moved on.

I was impressed by HRH Edward's impeccable British manner but even more so by his sincere passion that those his charity helped might also be inspired to help others. He spoke of a wheelchair bound young lady who had been only a recipient of aid her whole life, was now in the giving role, providing aid to others. This he felt was a mark of true success. The second generation, passing the goodwill along, is testament to impact of his charity, which has affected over 750,000 lives since its inception.The event itself sparkled and raised a goodly five figures in two hours. That's before the private dinners which followed, netting a larger sum, to be sure.

Our goals for the Global Change Foundation cast a wide net. We want to provide scholarships, grants, financial support to increase education and awareness about the environment. If the person or project impacts environmental education and awareness, we want to support it. We hope your interest will be piqued and that you will be part of our growth and impact.

Carmen Cook