GCA provides a host of course offerings and seminars on various energy and environmental topics. All our courses/seminars are taught by one of our subject matter experts. GCA also develops courses tailor-made for a client's particular need. To provide "real world" information, GCA is often able to tap into our pool of resources for guest speakers who currently work in the area of the course topic. Additionally, GCA enhances classroom instruction by providing tours where possible to actual trading floors, power stations, etc.

A representative sampling of course selections follow:

  • Green Trading: Emission, Renewables, Negawatts (energy efficiency)
  • Cross Commodity Arbitrage
  • Weather Risk Management Advisory
  • Mark to Market Hedge Accounting
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • State of Energy Markets Post Enron
  • Impacts of Gas and Electricity Deregulation
  • Energy and Environmental Risk Management and Trading
  • Energy Asset Acquisition/Evaluation including Consideration of all Aspects of the New Energy Markets
  • FERC and its New Requirements Across the Board
  • Price Responsive Load Management
  • Standard Market Design and Regional Transmission Organizations
  • Also: expertise in branding, human resources and marketing