GCA has been using the Internet for its Business-to-Business services for over 5 years and was one of the first energy and environment consulting firms to do so. Many of our domestic and international clients actually prefer to contact us via the Internet and receive a timely consulting report from us over the Internet. GCA has an international network of over 30 experienced energy industry independent consultants that work on a project basis under our brand name that offers us a wide variety of energy & environmental expertise. Our typical consultant has over 20 years experience dealing with energy and the environment issues, and many of our consultants have actually operated companies in those spaces. We can provide timely analysis with recommendations on client specific projects at a cost effective price which will be delivered over the Internet in less than 2 weeks. Additional follow up work can be negotiated as separate projects.

The industry verticals where we are particularly strong in are energy trading and risk management, LNG opportunities, clean coal technologies, IGCC technology , climate change and related environmental issues such as greenhouse gases and renewable energy, energy efficiency, electric and gas markets and infrastructure including standard market design, load control technology and utilization, demand side management, and restructuring issues including deregulation studies, how the new markets operate and associated regulatory analyses.

Topics to consider (but not limited to) include:

  • US energy trading and risk management
  • US Electricity & Gas Deregulation
  • 2003 Blackout: Causes and Solutions
  • FERC’s Standard Market Design
  • Transmission congestion values and influences
  • IGCC applications for repowering coal plants
  • Generation asset valuation
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Environment as a financial risk
  • Power plant siting and permitting including transmission interconnection
  • The business case for Greenhouse Gas reductions
  • The commercial status of renewable energy
  • The future of US LNG markets
  • Providing green power initiatives
  • New load control & demand response technologies & strategies