UtiliPoint and Global ChangeAssociates issue
"Energy as an Asset Class for Hedge Fund Diversification" Report

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New York, NY and Houston, TX (For Immediate Release) -- Global Change Associates and UtiliPoint International announce the completion of a new report on energy hedge funds titled Energy as an Asset Class for Hedge Fund Diversification . This second report is based on the on-going groundbreaking research performed by the two consulting firms on hedge funds in energy for the past year. The report is available for purchase at the Energy Hedge Fund Center (, a rapidly growing site dedicated to informing interested parties about hedge fund activities in the energy and utility industry created and maintained by the two authors of the report.

“The energy industry is attracting the attention of a growing number of hedge funds who see it as an asset class that can help polish the tarnish on hedge fund returns,” reported Dr. Gary M. Vasey, VP of Trading & Risk Management Services for UtiliPoint. “Energy is a very attractive industry for investment right now with supply tightness in energy commodity markets driving prices and profits for energy companies. Our report demonstrates that hedge funds and other investors are involved in all aspects of the industry from commodities trading to distressed assets today.”

“From our continued research we are detecting the new trends in energy hedge funds; specifically, more activity in Europe and an extension of investments into renewable energy and carbon trading, oil and gas in the ground and coal trading.” said Peter Fusaro, chairman of Global Change Associates in New York .

The Energy Hedge Fund Center ( is the industry's preferred web location for news, articles and discussion of hedge fund activities in the energy industry. The newly issued report and the Directory of Energy Hedge Funds are both available at the site and Energy media Group (

For more information including an executive summary of the report, please contact Dr. Gary M. Vasey at [email protected] or 281 681 8020.

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