Energy Hedge Fund Center Asks What’s New in Energy and Environmental Hedge Funds?

July 13th New York Seminar Announced to Provide the Answers
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New York and Houston, TX (For immediate release) – The Energy Hedge Fund Center (EHFC) announces a new seminar to take place in New York on July 13 th , 2005 entitled “What's New in Energy and Environmental Hedge Funds.” Best selling author Peter Fusaro and acclaimed market analyst Dr. Gary M. Vasey will present their latest findings and insights into the rapidly growing interest on the part of hedge funds and other investment vehicles in the energy and environmental industries. The pair recently successfully launched a new online newsletter, Energy Hedge, in addition to building and moderating the Energy Hedge Fund Center online community and providing the best selling energy hedge fund directory.

“As the sparkle has gone from hedge fund returns in more traditional areas, the energy industry and particularly the confluence of environment with energy, continues to stand out as rich with opportunities for investors,” reports Dr. Gary M. Vasey, co-founder of the Energy Hedge Fund Center. “This seminar will utilize all new material based on our ongoing research to identify where and why this activity is taking place.”

“Our recent business trip to Europe has uncovered even more hedge fund activity both in the energy trading capital of London but also on the continent,” Peter C. Fusaro, co-founder of the Energy Hedge Fund Center.

This newly researched seminar will take place at CAMI Hall at 165 West 57th Street in midtown Manhattan , in heart of the New York City 's hedge fund capital on July 13 th between 5 and 8pm . More information and registration information may be found at both or

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