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Boulder is the Center of a Cleantech Revolution

I previously wrote in my newsletter, Energy Hedge, that the Boulder area was a center of cleantech. Well, that was before I visited. I just spent a week in Boulder, speaking at an energy conference on green, meeting with grad students and business faculty at the University of Colorado, and spending a morning with a cleantech vc who only invests in Colorado-based companies. People out here are very cognizant of environmental issues particularly when it comes to energy and water.

The Economic Crisis Will Not Stop Clean Energy Initiatives

While there is now much negative news about the drive for renewable energy and clean technology in the US in light of the economic crisis, what the pundits fail to realize is that energy prices at over $70 per barrel are substantially higher than the floor of $40. There seems to be so much nay saying before the election that it may help to set the record straight.

The Clean Tech Revolution

The Clean Tech Revolution

The Clean Tech Revolution

by Clint Wilder, Ron Pernick

$27.70 (Hardcover)

published by Collins Business, 2007

In The Clean Tech Revolution, authors Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder identifythe major forces that have pushed clean tech from back-to-the-earth utopiandream to its current revolution among the inner circles of corporateboardrooms, on Wall Street trading floors, and in government offices aroundthe globe. By highlighting eight major clean-tech sectors - solar energy,wind power, biofuels and biomaterials, green buildings, personaltransportation, the smart grid, mobile applications, and water filtration -they uncover how investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals can profit fromthis next wave of technological innovation. Finally, Pernick and Wildershine the spotlight on the winners among technologies, companies, andregions that are likely to reap the greatest benefits from clean tech-andthey show you why the time to act is now.