D. Neil Levy, Senior Consultant

Mr. Levy has (25) years of experience in all aspects of risk management and trading. He has practiced risk management in the US and Europe and traded in various fields from foreign currencies and interest rates to energy products including crude oil, heating oil, natural gas and most recently electricity. He is specialized in the strategic planning for developing commodity markets, creating and dealing with markets and their various instruments, from the embryonic stage to the full development of mature markets. Mr. Levy advises on market structures as well as the use and development of the instruments traded in these markets. Additionally Mr. Levy has helped firms establish procedures to safely manage their overall exposure to commodity risk; setting up financial and management controls to prevent abuse of financial instruments within the firm. He pioneered the use of currency and energy options in the mid-eighties and continued development of their use and other derivative products as the respective markets matured.

A sought after speaker, Mr. Levy has conducted seminars and spoken on various aspects of risk management and pricing theory for FERC, AIC, Corporate Finance Institute, Energy Decisions, Executive Enterprises, Exnet, Gas Daily, Infocast, The Institute for Corporate Finance, Institute of International Research, Power Marketing Association and the World Trade Institute.

Professional Achievements

POWER SAVANT – Mr. Levy is also the designer of a software package. That was developed as a risk management trading system design specifically for the power industry. POWER SAVANT was successfully completed and sold to another commodity oriented software firm that marketed the package.

Morgan Stanley & Co. – VP, Commodities Dept. Oversaw the start-up of the Electric trading desk. Spearheaded FERC filing, advised clients on risk management strategies, consulted with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on price discovery and trading tools. Headed Natural Gas trading desk from its infancy to its full development. Responsible for customer development, structured products, trading positions, administration and personnel, Mr. Levy also sat as an advisory committee member to the NYMEX on the Options committee, the Natural Gas committee and the Electricity Contract development committee.

CSX Corp./Sealand – Director of Exposure Management, Mr. Levy ran the hedging desks and developed hedging strategies including the use of FX crossrates, interest rate differentials, option spreads and pioneered the use of Energy swaps by entering into the first oil swap used by a US corporation.

Becton Dickenson & Co. – Senior Financial Analyst, International Responsible for various international treasury activities including cash management, forecasting, budgeting, financing and dividend policy of foreign subsidiaries. Traded foreign currencies ranging from exotics such as Malayan Ringets and Indian Rupees to British Pounds and Deutsche marks.


Throughout his career Mr. Levy has been the subject of interviews and articles appearing in Corporate Risk Magazine, Gas Daily, Intermarket, and Risk magazine.


Pace university, MBA, Finance and Marketing
Lehigh University, B.S. Finance