David South, Senior Consultant

David W. South is President of Technology & Market Solutions, LLC, a consulting practice that provides analytic, strategic and regulatory advice on technology, market and environmental issues to clients involved with electricity generation and distribution.

Mr. South has experience with most advanced power generation technologies: clean coal, combined cycle systems, nuclear, on-site generation, hydrogen, fuel cells, solar, and wind.

For these technologies, Mr. South has examined market niches, barriers-to-entry, market mechanisms & incentives, technology deployment strategies, asset valuations, best practices, and the impact of market restructuring and environmental regulations on adoption patterns. Most recently Mr. South has examined green power market trends, opportunities and financial mechanisms.

Integrated into his market studies, Mr. South evaluates the clean air and climate change implications, with emphasis on emissions trading, multi-pollutant control technologies, avoided emissions, and mitigation strategies.

Prior to founding Technology & Market Solutions, LLC in 2002, Mr. South spent seven years with Energy Resources International, Inc. and sixteen years at Argonne National Laboratory.