Richard T. Stuebi, Senior Consultant

Mr. Stuebi is an experienced professional in the fundamental forces that are reshaping the energy industry today. From his long history of focused experience in the power industry, Mr. Stuebi has wide knowledge of energy sector participants, activities, economics and regulations, and has formed strong business perspectives on the energy sector's likely evolution and business strategies to capture emerging opportunities in the evolving marketplace. He is knowledgeable on such topics as deregulation, new technologies (especially in the areas of renewables and distributed generation), and environmental pressures. Mr. Stuebi specializes in utilizing his extensive knowledge base to assist promising new companies with a variety of management consulting services including: capital formation, strategy development, business planning, economic analysis, marketing support, and organizational diagnosis - for emerging ventures, investors and established energy companies pursuing new business opportunities related to the dynamic energy sector.

Professional Achievements

Nextwave Energy, President - A professional advisory services firm formed in 1999 and based on over 12 years of Mr. Stuebi's previous senior experience as both an executive and a consultant in the electricity industry. Mr. Stuebi offers business development consulting services for emerging companies in the electric power sector, or for established companies or financial institutions with interests in new energy technologies or ventures.

Louis Dreyfus, Senior Vice President  -  A global commodity trading firm where Mr. Stuebi was responsible for North American electric and gas business development activities. Based on a solid understanding of trading approaches and regional electricity market price movements, Mr. Stuebi pursued business strategies that anticipated the effect of new technologies on the power sector to capture the resulting shifts in value.

McKinsey & Co -  Management Consultant - Mr. Stuebi worked for over 6 years exclusively serving clients worldwide on power-related topics. During his tenure at McKinsey, Mr. Stuebi focussed extensively on developing strategies and enhancing organizational capabilities for the onset of deregulation and restructuring in the electricity sector. He worked for extended periods with two of the five largest U.S. electric utilities, helping them broadly prepare for success in the increasingly competitive industry, and these utilities are now among the largest and most aggressive participants in the emerging wholesale generation and power marketing businesses. He also served several other electric utilities, large energy consumers, fuel suppliers, and independent power producers to capitalize on the major changes occurring in the power sector.

ICF Resources, Associate  -  Mr. Stuebi spent nearly 4 years as an analyst of the North American electricity and coal industries at this leading economic and environmental consulting firm. Mr. Stuebi's economic analyses of alternative acid rain legislation approaches were instrumental in resolving the contentious debate involving the trading of sulfur dioxide emission allowances, ultimately facilitating the passage of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

Professional Associations:

  • On the Board of Directors or an advisory board member for several
         emerging ventures and venture capital funds in the energy sector
  • Member of several energy industry associations, including American
        Wind Energy Association, American Solar Energy Society
         and Electrical Generating Systems Association


Authored articles that have appeared in The Electricity Journal, Power Economics, Public Utilities Fortnightly, Energy Decisions, and The Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association.


M.A., Economics, Stanford University (1986)
S.B., Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1984)