Waxman as the Game Changer

The ousting of Congressman John Dingell from the House Energy Committee is a game changer on US greenhouse gas policy. Dingell has represented Detroit for the past 54 years and has been protective of the US auto industry. Congressman comes from California which has the most stringent global warming law on the planet (a 25% cut from 1990 by 2020). Waxman has already indicated he wants more stringent GHG cuts. What this really means is that the House and Senate will be in climate change alignment. The need of the Obama Administration to be bold may possibly accelerate US climate change legislation by one year. If GHG laws are passed next year, the US would be in great position to reengage the rest of the world at the December 2009 Copenhagen climate change meeting. Expect GHG legislation in late 2009!