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15 January 2008
This video is a compendium of Peter's keynote speaking engagements and topics that he offers on greenhouse gas reductions including carbon footprints, greenhouse business strategy, and trading solutions.

RiskMetrics Group announces Climate Change Resource Center

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With the Copenhagen climate summit now beginning, RiskMetrics Group is pleased to offer this new Climate Change Resource Center featuring a collection of need-to-know information for institutional investors. Visit our website for new reports, articles and other thought leadership on the investment risks and opportunities of emerging global climate change policy, including:

  • RiskMetrics’ Investor Guide to Copenhagen.
  • RiskMetrics’ library of climate change reports.

Global Change Associates Chairman To Ring The NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell

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Peter Fusaro, Chairman of Global Change Associates will preside over the opening bell.

NASDAQ MarketSite – 4 Times Square – 43rd & Broadway – Broadcast Studio

Monday, March 16th, 2009 at 9:15 - 9:30 a.m. ET

Waxman as the Game Changer

The ousting of Congressman John Dingell from the House Energy Committee is a game changer on US greenhouse gas policy. Dingell has represented Detroit for the past 54 years and has been protective of the US auto industry. Congressman comes from California which has the most stringent global warming law on the planet (a 25% cut from 1990 by 2020). Waxman has already indicated he wants more stringent GHG cuts. What this really means is that the House and Senate will be in climate change alignment.

With Immediate Effect

With Immediate Effect

by Philip Algar

$24.50 (Paperback)

published by Trafford Publishing, 2004

What happens when an honest but bored, frustrated, inexperienced and unexpectedly- promoted office worker tries to cope with novel business and social challenges in today's odd world? This is the humorous account of a UK businessman working around the bureaucratic limitation of systems to reduce greenhouse gases and reduce climate change.

25 April 2007
Interview of Peter Fusaro of Global Change Associates on green issues, by Sandy Jarmuth for New York Cable TV, April 25, 2007.