Energy Deregulation and Privatization

GCA has been tracking energy markets for over 25 years. Our consultants have testified before numerous state and federal legislative bodies as subject matter witnesses. Our broad understanding of how energy markets work from the various stakeholder positions, coupled with our practical knowledge of how companies must operate in a competitive world, enable us to provide valuable insight to our clients as they engage in deregulated markets.

As many companies around the globe begin the process of deregulation; GCA can provide them with knowledge and expertise on "lessons learned" from the United States experience. Strategic advice GCA offers companies competing in deregulated markets and those facing deregulation include:

  • Market Design
  • Incentive Programs
  • Regulatory/Tariff Information
  • Comprehensive Privatization Action Plans
  • Product/Service Offerings
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Power Exchanges & Trading Design
  • Industry Consolidation and Globalization of Assets